Petrol bombs and tear gas mar anti-austerity demonstration in Athens

As the Greek parliament votes in favour of austerity measures, the streets of Athens become the battleground between police and protesters

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Tensions surrounding the Greek debt crisis spilled onto the streets of Athens on Wednesday evening with tear gas and petrol bombs exchanged by police and protesters.

They clashed outside Parliament in Syntagma Square as MPs accepted the divisive conditions of a new bailout. The clashes mark the first significant violence since the left-wing Syriza came to power in January.

Watch the chaotic scenes below.

A minority of protesters unleashed their frustrations at police officers by hurling Molotov cocktails and rocks. The police responded with tear gas and pepper spray in order to supress the crowd estimated at around 12,500 people.

It has been reported that a journalist was shot in the leg while four policeman and two French photo correspondents were injured by flying debris. According to AP, around fifty protesters have been detained.