Playing loud music in your car is a crime, according to Italian top court

A man has been fined for playing loud music despite there being no complaints from residents

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Italy's highest court of appeals has ruled playing very loud music from your car is a crime.

The Supreme Court of Cassation made this ruling in the case of a Sicilian man who was caught by police playing loud music at night in his car.

In its ruling, it said the man "risked disturbing peoples' sleep" - Studiocataldi reported.

With a "monster" car stereo - the man was able to play music between 200 and 1500 watts on the streets of Messina, a city in Northeast Sicily.

The court upheld the the November 2014 judgement by a Messina court, ordering him to pay a 300-euro fine in addition to 1,000 euros of legal costs.

His stereo was also confiscated, despite there being no complaints from residents regarding his music playing - the Local reported.