Pole held for 'MP3 murder' that shocked Belgium

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A youth suspected of murdering a Belgian teenager has been arrested in Poland. The victim, 17-year-old of Joe Van Holsbeeck, was stabbed five times in the chest after refusing to give up his MP3 at Central station in Brussels.

The death during the evening rush hour provoked a wave of shock in Belgium and prompted an estimated 80,000 people to take to the streets of Brussels in a silent demonstration.

The two assailants fled, but their images were captured on CCTV. A headteacher recognised one attacker. The 16-year-old accomplice to the suspected murderer, who is of Polish origin and attends a school in the Brussels suburbs, was arrested on Monday.

Polish police arrested the main suspect, identified only as Adam G, in Suwalki, a city in north-eastern Poland.