Police arrest 76-year-old woman over cocaine-fuelled birthday bash

Police were called to the pensioner's private bar following reports the drug was being passed around among guests

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A 76-year-old woman has been arrested for holding a cocaine fuelled 'free-for-all' birthday bash after police were called to break up the party.

The unidentified pensioner decided to celebrate her birthday at her own private bar, located in her property in Wilmersdorf, Berlin on Thursday evening, local media has reported.

Celebrations came to a premature end, however, when police arrived and allegedly found many of the guests under the influence of the drug, after being tipped off that cocaine was being passed around the party.

The woman had already been arrested in January after police found 35 grams of cocaine in her bar and her apartment in Charlottenburg, according to The Local. She had been bailed the previous Saturday. 

In a statement, police said: “Officers went to the bar and found that the majority of the guests seemed to be under the influence of drugs." They believe the drug was supplied by the detained woman, although cocaine was also seized from four other guests.