Pope needs makeover, says Franco Zeffirelli

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Franco Zeffirelli would like to make over what he called Pope Benedict XVI's "cold" image and his "showy" clothes, an Italian newspaper reported yesterday.

"Benedict XVI still has a cold way of communicating, little suited to what is happening around him," Zeffirelli was quoted as telling Turin daily La Stampa. "Even his wardrobe needs to be revised," the 84-year-old film director said.

Instead, his robes should reflect "sobriety", the director added. "The papal vestments [are] too sumptuous and showy."

Benedict, lacking his predecessor Pope John Paul II's natural charisma, has taken to wearing eye-stopping outfits, such as a red velvet cape trimmed in ermine, a fur-trimmed stocking cap that some first mistook for a Santa Claus hat, and bright red Prada loafers.