Rasmussen's coalition

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COPENHAGEN (AP) - Ministers in the new Danish cabinet are:

Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen of the Social Democratic Party (SD); Foreign Niels Helveg Petersen of the Radical Party (RP); Economics Marianne Jelved (RP); Finance Mogens Lykketoft (SD); Business Affairs Mimi Stilling Jakobsen of the Centre Democratic Party (CD); Industry Jan Trojborg (SD); Taxation Ole Stavad (SD); Justice Pia Gjellerup (SD); Agriculture and Fisheries Bjorn Westh (SD); Defence Hans Haekkerup (SD); Interior and Refugee Affairs Birthe Weiss (SD); Labour Jytte Andersen (SD); Transportation Helge Mortensen (SD); Aid and Co-operation Helle Degn (SD); Education Ole Vig Jensen (RP); Energy Jann Sjursen of the Christian People's Party (CP); Environment Svend Auken (SD); Health Torben Lund (SD); Social Affairs Karen Jespersen (SD); Culture Jytte Hilden (SD); Housing and Nordic and Baltic Affairs Flemming Kofod- Svendsen (CP); Research Svend Bergstein (CD); Ecclesiastic Affairs Arne Oluf Andersen (CD); Communication and Tourism Arne Melchior (CD).