Refugee crisis: 'Oldest refugee' claiming to be 110 years old arrives in Germany in good health

Abdul Qadir Azizi's family told German police he was born on 1 January, 1905

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A man who claims to be 110 years old has applied for asylum in Germany after spending eight months travelling 3,000 miles from Afghanistan.

Abdul Qadir Azizi, arrived in Germany with his 60-year-old daughter and eight other family members, who had to carry him for much of the journey.

Aziz's family, when asked by German officials, said he was born on 1 January, 1905.

However, he has no papers or birth certificate to prove his claim, and police have not yet been able to verify his true age.

He is believed to be the oldest refugee to arrive in Germany, which has accepted 800,000 people this year alone.

As reported by The Telegraph, German federal police spokesman Werner Straubinger told journalists: "Even if the man is only 90 years old, his flight is an amazing achievement."

At the refugee reception centre in Deggendorf, near the border with Austria in the south east of Germany, police were surprised to find that although frail, deaf and blind, Mr Azizi needed no help from doctors.

The family will now move on to a refugee centre in the state of Hesse.