Rival militias in Sarajevo 'fire on own forces'

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SARAJEVO (AFP) - The two main forces facing one another in Sarajevo have fired on their own troops in order to give the impression that the other side was the aggressor, the UN forces chief, General Lewis MacKenzie, charged yesterday.

Gen MacKenzie was speaking as fighting between Serbs and Muslim Slavs raged on in the capital of Bosnia - Herzegovina, two days after an EC-brokered ceasefire was supposed to have come into effect.

Fighting has continued around the airport, where UN troops are based, and yesterday shrapnel from mortar rounds damaged the antenna of a 'Tall Mike' radar installation used by Ukrainian UN troops to determine where artillery fire was coming from. The UN force's spokesman, Mik Magnusson, said he believed that the installation 'could have been the target' of the firing.