'Rule-of-law state'

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Key points in the final draft of Russia's new constitution:

Russia defined as a 'democratic, federal, rule-of-law state'

It puts Russia's 21 republics (including breakaway Chechnya) on basically the same footing as 67 other regions. They lose the right of 'sovereignty' but retain some areas of autonomy

It guarantees the 'right of private property'

It calls Russia a 'social state' and gives a list of rights and entitlements

It fixes the president as the supreme power, allowing the executive to nominate the prime minister, Central Bank chairman and top judges

The Congress of People's Deputies with more than 1,000 members and the smaller Supreme Soviet, are replaced by a bicameral Federal Assembly. It has a 450-seat lower house, State Duma, and an upper chamber, Federation Council

Impeachment requires a ruling by both the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, a vote by the State Duma and Federation Council