Russian schools are teaching how to take 'safe selfies' following series of deaths and injuries

Young people are discouraged from taken images in dangerous situations such as leaning off a boat or climbing an electricity pylon

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The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched a Safe Selfie campaign aimed at young people following a series of accidents, including fatal ones, involving people taking photos of themselves.

The campaign’s motto is "Even a million 'likes' on social media are not worth your life and well-being."

At a press conference held by the Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs and lieutenant colonel of police, Elena Alekseeva, the Russian ministry announced that they are releasing a pamphlet to schools on selfie safety.

The leaflet shows situations in which it is unsafe to take a selfie including on train tracks, holding a gun and with wild animals.

The Russian ministry warned that "being cool could cost you your life", as at least 10 Russians have been killed and 100 injured while taking selfies this year alone.

"Since the beginning of the year we are talking about some hundred cases of injuries for sure and dozens of deadly accidents", spokesperson for the ministry, Yelena Alexeyeva said.

In May a 21-year-old woman in Moscow received head injuries after she shot herself while posing for a selfie with a gun and a Russian teenager was electrocuted and killed while attempting to take a selfie on top of a train.