Sarajevo schoolchildren find nourishment for mind and body as they return to learning

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Dino Solomonovski (left) and Goran Antic, both aged nine, eating lunch in a bomb shelter in Sarajevo's Breka neigh bourhood, where school classes have been started. Meals are being provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross in an effort to provide motivation for children returning to the classroom.

Yesterday international mediators ended two days of talks with Bosnia's warring factions without agreement on dividing up the former Yugoslav republic. Bosnian Serbs accused Muslim leaders of making 'megalomaniac demands' for territory at the latest round of peace talks, held in the French lakeside resort of Talloires.

The talks did bring an agreement for Bosnia's Serbs, Croats and Muslims to meet again soon to try to end the war. While the politicians squabbled over maps of their devastated country, their armies were reported to be battling for territory in northern Bosnia.

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