Schopenhauer's work? Someone spray-painted 'Kant is an idiot' on Immanuel Kant's house

The ruins of the philosopher's house have become a hot spot for drinking among local teens

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Following in the footsteps of Schopenhauer, Jacobi and Schulze, a graffiti artist has provided some Kantian criticism, albeit with a little more brevity, writing 'Kant is an idiot' in graffiti on the 18th century philosopher's Russian home.

The German was one of the fathers of modern philosophy and his work on metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics continue to be discussed to this day. He clearly still looms large in his native Kaliningrad, where the ruins of his old home have become a 'hot spot for drinking and debauchery among local youths', according to a local newspaper.

One visitor was apparently not a fan though, spraying a phrase that roughly translates as 'Kant is an idiot' on the front wall, alongside a somewhat contradictory drawing of a heart and a flower.

An 1812 portrait of Immanuel Kant surrounded by an Ouroboros (Picture: Getty)

A Novy Kaliningrad reporter who visited Kant's home said he found a fire burning in the grass nearby which easily could have spread to the house.

Kant was born and died in Kaliningrad (then the Prussian city of Königsberg), and local authorities are now trying to find a caretaker for the building which has been declared a cultural landmark.

The enlightenment philosopher's work is nothing if not contentious, having caused an argument in line at a grocery store in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don in 2013 that ended one man shot the other with rubber bullets.