Seagull steals tourist's GoPro; inadvertently captures stunning video of Spanish coast

Sometimes it pays to get robbed by an animal

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Following in the footsteps of the infamous Canadian squirrel that caused such a sensation in 2014, a seagull in Spain has picked up a GoPro and filmed their animal exploits.

German tourist Martin Lozano was holidaying on the Cies Islands, which lie off the northern coast of Spain, when he placed his GoPro camera down on a ledge. The camera films an innocent looking seagull nearby. Suddenly, the bird hops forward and picks up the camera in its beak, prompting cries from Lozano to put the GoPro down.

Instead, the seagull flies off, capturing stunning shots of the jagged coast as well as panoramic views of the ocean and the mist surrounding the Spanish archipelago.

The seagull eventually returns the GoPro to its owner, who instantly loaded the video to YouTube, where it has already garnered over two million views.

Video courtesy of Martin Lozano.