Sheep storm Le Louvre in Paris protest against EU farming policy


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Sheep stormed the famous le Louvre museum in a bizarre protest over agricultural laws.

The French Farmers' Confederation union brought some je ne sais baa to the landmark on Friday.

About a dozen sheep were herded through the entrance beneath the museum's iconic glass pyramids by a sheepdog.

Tourists scattered to avoid the stampede as the animals knocked over signs and cordons and bemused passers-by took photos and videos.

It was part of a protest staged in opposition to changes in the European Union’s 50-year-old Common Agricultural Policy.

Demonstrators carried banners reading “PAC'astrophe” over the reforms, which they argue are industrialising agriculture and taking away jobs.

“What we can see today is a desire on the part of the agricultural ministry to impose a marginalising policy which will get rid of farmers," said a Confederation spokesman.

"So we came here to say we don't belong to a museum and that our place is in the countryside, where we can revitalise the countryside, create jobs and develop quality produce."

Dairy farmer Laurent Pinatel argued that small farms deserve support because they are important to France's economy, identity and culinary reputation.

Louvre officials said there were no arrests or damage during the protest, which did not disrupt operations at the tourist attraction.

Additional reporting by Associated Press