Eight-year-old boy with cancer told to 'just die' by campaigners after joining bullfight

Adrián Hinojosa was targeted with abuse after joining matadors for a lap of honour during a charity bullfight

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An eight-year-old boy suffering from cancer was bombarded with abusive messages from animal rights activists in Spain after he joined a bullfighting show, with one telling him he should “just die”.

Adrián Hinojosa joined matadors for a lap of honour at an arena in Valencia after a charity bullfight in aid of a local children’s cancer unit.

His father, Eduardo, said the experience had “given him strength” in his battle against the disease.

The boy, who suffers from a rare type of bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment, said his lap of honour was “a dream come true” as he dreamed of becoming at a matador.

Anti-bullfighting campaigners attacked the child for his involvement, with one writing on Facebook: “I’m not going to be politically correct. Just die, just die already.

“A sick child who wants to get better so he that he can kill innocent and healthy herbivores who also want to live. Come on! Adrián, you going to die.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “How much more needless spending is going on the treatment of Adrián: the child with cancer who wants to be a bullfighter and cut ears.”

Others were quick to condemn the activists, and the hashtag #AdrianTeVasaCurar - meaning ‘Adrián you are going to be cured’ - trended on Twitter in Spain according to The Local.

His mother Eve posted a message saying: “We only ask for respect for a child who is going through bad times and for his family too who only want to help realize his dreams.”

The national police service in Spain also voiced their support of the boy, tweeting: “Desiring the death of a child is despicable, cowardly and could be a crime. We are with you. You are going to win this battle!”

Eduardo Hinojosa, meanwhile, announced the family would be taking legal action over the online comments on behalf of the eight-year-old.

In June, a Spanish pro-bullfighting organisation threatened legal action against animal rights activists who celebrated the death of 29-year-old matador Victor Barrio on social media.

Thousands of protestors recently took to the streets of Spain to demand an end to bullfighting