Spanish police arrest 15 men for smuggling migrants on the back of jet-skis near Marbella

Go Pro footage has been released showing traffickers smuggling as many migrants as possible onto the back of jet-skis

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Video has been released by the Spanish Civil Guard showing their pursuit of traffickers attempting to smuggle migrants to Europe. Their aim was to drop them off onto the popular tourist beaches near the coastal town of Tarifa.

The video above shows several migrants being rescued after being dumped off the jet-skis.

It has been reported that six jet-skis were stopped in a 72-hour period at the end of last week. Seven migrants managed to make it to the coast before being caught in the surrounding area.

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard has said that the traffickers can pack as many as three migrants on the back of each jet-ski, sometimes hiding drugs inside their life jackets and clothes.

"These acts pose a serious risk to the life of the immigrants because the pilots leave them several feet away from the coast and they often don't know how to swim.”

It is believed that the migrants would have paid around £2,000 for their journey across the sea.