Stasi 'kept sex file' on skater

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HAMBURG (AP) - Katar ina Witt, the figure-skating star claims the Communist secret police had her under such close tabs that they even knew when she was having sexual intercourse. Witt told Sports magazine that she was the target of intense scrutiny by East Germany's Stasi secret police.

'I was really trapped, as in a spider's web,' Witt told Sports. Witt, who is attempting a comeback, was one of East Germany's best known stars, and known as 'socialism's prettiest face'.

She said the Stasi once even recorded the length of her sexual encounters. 'Sexual intercourse from 20.00 (8pm) to 20.07 (8.07pm) . . . you just can't believe it,' she was quoted as saying about the files.

Witt said her forthcoming autobiography would include portions of the thorough files the Stasi kept on her, but would not reveal the names of people who spied on her.

Witt has picked the anti- war song 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?' - made famous by Marlene Dietrich - as the music for her programme with which she hopes to qualify for the Olympic Games in Norway in February. She will perform the routine in December's German championships.