Suspected criminal in Russia runs into glass door

Video: Another video from Russia...another dumb criminal caught on camera

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Watch any TV programme or film involving a robbery and the planning beforehand always involves a getaway route - usually involving a quick escape and a driver waiting just outside.

In reality of course it's not that simple, and video from Russia provides both a painful and humorous warning to anyone even thinking of dabbling in a bit of thievery.

CCTV footage from the Russian city of Saratov shows the moment a suspected criminal ran into a glass door as he tried to escape from police in a shop.

The incident, which took place last Friday, saw the suspect attempt to run out of the shop as undercover policemen began to surround him and attempt to arrest him.

However, as he tries to push through the door of the shop he falls through the glass, ending up a heap on the ground and covered in shards of broken glass. He is then easily apprehended by police.

Local reports suggest that the suspected convict is on the federal most wanted list and has now been detained on suspicion of committing a serious crime.