Sweden's Stockholm Skavsta Airport evacuated after ‘explosive substance’ found in elderly woman’s bag

Passengers were ordered to leave the building and a bomb disposal team was called

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A Swedish airport was evacuated after traces of an explosive substance were found in an elderly woman’s bag, it has been reported.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport’s departure hall was evacuated and a bomb disposal team was called following the discovery as it went through the airport security on Sunday morning.

All departing flights were suspended, said Joakim Lindholm, operations manager at the airport.

Officers believe it is an explosive or flammable powder, reported Goteborgs Posten.

Duty officer Roland Lindkvist said: “The baggage and departure halls were evacuated, which has affected departing flights but not arrivals.

“The bag in question belongs to an elderly lady and she is cooperating with us. She says she does not know how the powder got on her bag.

“There are no known threats to the airport and we have no reason not to the trust the person in questions."

The airport is Sweden’s fifth largest, and around 100km (60 miles) from Stockholm, which mainly handles low-cost airlines.