Swedish footballer struck by lightning is back on the ball

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VERONICA RONN (inset), a Swedish soccer player, took her first steps yesterday since being struck by lightning two weeks ago and blown out of her boots. The lightning bolt stopped her heart for four minutes and caused burns all over her body as she stood in goal. The blast ripped her football boots and shinguards (above) to shreds and set them on fire.

Hospital staff in Uppsala, north of Stockholm, said she had been deafened but was otherwise expected to recover. The match at Gavle 90 miles north of Stockholm, had been in progress for only a few minutes when a violent thunderstorm rolled across the pitch. 'The lightning covered the pitch like an arch. Veronica, 16, was hurled into the air and fell to the ground,' said her father Christer. A teacher administered heart massage and managed to bring her back to life. When she awoke in hospital, Veronica's first words were: 'How did the match go?'