Switzerland train crash: Driver's body recovered after disaster leaves 26 injured

Body recovered from drivers cabin amid wreckage at Granges-près-Marnand

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The driver of a train was killed late last night in a head-on collision with another train that also saw 26 people injured.

The man's body was found overnight as rescue teams searched the wreckage at Granges-près-Marnand in the canton of Vaud, about 31 miles southwest of the capital Bern.

Police said 46 people were traveling on the two trains, one of which was heading to Lausanne, the other was going to Payerne, when they collided shortly before 7pm.

A police spokesman said it was too early to determine the cause of the crash.

One of the injured was taken by helicopter to Lausanne, while others were treated by paramedics at the scene or taken to hospital by ambulance.

Earlier, Swiss media had cited police as saying 44 were injured, which was then later lowered to 35, before police put the figure at 26. It is not immediately clear why the number was decreased.

Photographs from the Swiss site showed the two regional trains locked together, partly lifted off the tracks by the force of the collision.

Police said several ambulances, fire engines and a helicopter were involved in the rescue operation, but rescuers were initially unable to reach the driver's cabin of one of the trains, where the deceased driver is thought to have been trapped.

Switzerland's rail system is considered among the best and safest in the world. Accidents are rare, though three years ago the country's popular Glacier Express tourist train derailed in the Alps, killing one person and injuring 42.

Seventy-nine people were killed in a train crash in Spain last week, one of the worst in decades.