Syrian refugees chant “We want bus” as they walk towards Austria

Footage captures hundreds of refugees chanting for transport as they are forced to walk into Austria

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Footage has emerged of Syrian refugees making their way into Austria by foot. They started the 20 kilometre journey from outside Budapest; watched on by local police.

The crowd united together with chants of “We want bus” as they continue on their journey to safety.

Despite carrying heavy personal belongings and looking after young children, the group were determined to make it into Austria.

The recent arrival of refugees into Hungary has not been welcomed by the government.

Viktor Orban, the country’s prime minister has said Hungary could deploy its military along its southern border to control the flow.

"We'll bring the border under control step by step... we'll send in the police, then, if we get approval from parliament, we'll deploy the military." He said the proposed move was because there was a potentially "endless" number of migrants and refugees heading for Europe.

In recent days, Orban has antagonised European colleagues over the refugee crisis, claiming it is a “German problem".