Teen jailed for murder of gay man in which he ‘wrapped a snake’ around victim’s neck

The young man has been sentenced to four years and will be deported from the country once he has served his time

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A teenager who murdered a gay man and wrapped a dead snake around his neck in Sweden last year has been sentenced to four years in juvenile prison.

According to the Swedish edition of The Local, the young man, who is believed to be from north Africa, was sleeping rough when he was allegedly approached by the victim. 

The boy claimed the man, 54, was dressed as a red-haired woman, and had approached him offering clothes, food and a place to shower.

He said when they arrived at the apartment in Gothenburg the man had attempted to rape him and so he acted in self-defence.

However, The Local continued, the police found a video recording on the teenagers mobile phone which showed him verbally abusing the man with homophobic insults.

The victim’s partner found him in his apartment in Gothenburg with stab wounds, a shirt tied around his neck and wrists, and a dead snake draped around his neck.

The boy’s DNA was discovered in the apartment and under the victim’s nails. 

He claimed he was 15 at the time of the attack, but X-ray analysis showed he was older, although it was confirmed he was still likely to be under 18.

On Wednesday he received a four year sentence in a detention for juvenile offenders and has been ordered to pay damages to the victim’s relatives. 

Once he has served his time he will be deported from the country.

Another teenager, 19, was also present at the apartment and has been charged for protecting a criminal, the website reported.