The Edinburgh Summit: Agenda for the summit

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10am session:

Opening speech by European Parliament President, Egon Klepsch.

European Commission President, Jacques Delors, presents progress report on single market.

A discussion of new British proposal on Danish ratification of Maastricht treaty. The most difficult topic on the agenda, this has been scheduled early.

Commission and British presidency reports on how to implement principles of subsidiarity and transparency.

A separate session of finance ministers to discuss the general economic situation in the EC, proposals for a strategy for growth and a progress report on the workings of the European Monetary System.

1pm lunch, Edinburgh Castle:

John Major leads discussion on the EC's economic prospects.

3pm session:

A discussion of future financing of the Community. The meatiest and trickiest political problems lie here.

Commission report on relations with Central and Eastern European countries. This is expected to propose new relations with the east.

Enlargement - entry negotiations with European Free Trade Association (Efta) countries. Switzerland's refusal of the European Economic Area in a referendum has complicated this, but the real key lies in the earlier budget talks.


The leaders attend dinner on royal yacht Britannia with the Queen. Perhaps the Royal Family's problems will distract from their own.

The foreign ministers dine separately to discuss former Yugoslavia. Bad luck, chaps.


10am session:

Immigration. Asylum and refugee procedures have already been agreed; expect a declaration decrying racism.

Former Yugoslavia. With Greece still refusing to recognise Macedonia, this could be a humdinger.

Germany's request for 18 more seats in European Parliament after German unification. Will France ask for more too? Will it get them?

(possible) Sites of EC institutions and agencies such as future European Central Bank, Europol police agency, EC environment agency.

Negotiation on summit conclusions. If they get that far.

The closing news conference is officially scheduled for midday, but officials say the summit is likely to last well into the afternoon. The caterers are staying on for Sunday, which is ominous.

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