The words and policies of Jean-Marie Le Pen

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* "In a book of 1,000 pages on the Second World War the gas chambers take up 10 to 15 lines. That is a detail" 1987

* "It's artificial to bring foreign [football] players here and baptise them the French team, though I could think of other names for them. They put an Algerian in to please the Arabs, a Kanak who can't even sing the National Anthem, blacks to satisfy the Antillais. None of them has any place in a French team" (just after France's defeat in Euro 96)

* "When immigrants generate unemployment, crime, disorder and unbalance, the French have a right to fear for their lives" 1997

* "To say that different races are unequal is not racism. The world is naturally made up of hierarchies" 1996

* "[Immigration] is the biggest problem facing France, Europe and probably the world. We risk being submerged" 2002

* Abolition of the European Commission and the Maastricht, Schengen and Amsterdam treaties.

* Revival of the franc, to operate alongside the euro.

* Re-creation of trade barriers with EU countries.

* Abolition of the 35-hour working week.

* Creation of new family and education allowances for French families only.

* National preference for French farm produce.

* Separation of French people's health funds from those for foreigners.

* Ban on building of mosques in France.

* Reintroduction of the death penalty.

* Places for 200,000 new prisoners to be created.

* Foreigners convicted of a crime to be deported.

* Juvenile delinquent repeat offenders to be put in special centres.

* Referendum on state of emergency to combat crime, giving the President power to rule by decree.