Refugee crisis: Thousands all over Europe show support at pro-immigration rallies

People have turned out in their thousands all over the continent, urging leaders to do more to ensure people can cross into Europe safely.

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Pro-refugee rallies have taken place in many of Europe's capitals this weekend, including London, Madrid and Athens protesting against the current regulation on people coming to europe.

The Europe-wide "day of action" saw rallies of solidarity across many major cities. In Copenhagen alone it was estimated that 30,000 - 40,000 people gathered to demand the danish government re-open its borders.

There were similar scenes in Westminster during a peaceful "refugees welcome" protest, similarly demanding Prime Minister David Cameron accept more refugee's into Britain.

Those in attendance made it clear that Britain and the rest of europe are not doing enough to help refugees and migrants. "its a shame that this government, one of the richest governments in the world is not understanding what is happening to the people".