Tough talking as new Norwegian PM tries to form government


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Erna Solberg, who is poised to become Prime Minister after the Labour premier conceded defeat in an election, faces tough negotiations with three other right-wing parties to form a government. 

Ms Solberg said today that she aims to form a broad coalition government that comprises her Conservative Party, the anti-immigration Progress Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats. The latter two have said they would not join a government including the Progress Party, although their positions have softened recently.

“Many difficult negotiations are ahead,” Ms Solberg told reporters outside her home. “Everybody must give and take but that is what coalition governments are all about,” she added.

The Conservatives were projected to secure 48 of the 169 seats in parliament, amid pledges to increase the availability of private health care. The Progress Party was set to claim 29 seats, the Christian Democrats 10 and the Liberals nine.

Outgoing Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Labour remains the biggest single party with 55 seats, but only has a total of 72 seats with its partners, the Socialist Party and the Centre Party.