Treasure of Naples collection worth more than the Crown Jewels put on display

The precious pieces have been transported from Naples for the first time ever to go on display at a museum in Rome

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A rare collection of riches thought it be worth more than the Crown Jewels has gone on display at an exhibition in Rome.

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'The Treasure of Naples' exhibition is showcasing 70 items, including a jewel encrusted bishop's Mitre and golden chalices, that make up The Treasure of San Gennaro collection. 

The treasures were donated as tributes to the patron saint of Naples, San Gennaro or Saint Januarius in English, over a 700-year period.

The tributes were once owned by popes and kings, and are considered to be some of the most precious pieces of religious art in the world.

Up until now the collection has been kept in a vault at a Naples Cathedral but for the first time ever the pieces have travelled outside the region for the exhibition.

The collection was transported from Naples to the museum in Rome under heavy guard.

'The Treasure of Naples' will be running at The Rome Foundation Museum until 16 February 2014