Two men mauled during ‘Running of the Bull’ practice in Murcia

The celebration took place in Blanca, Murcia, on Thursday afternoon which left two participants seriously injured

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What was supposed to be a traditional celebration in the town of Blanca on Thursday afternoon descended into chaos when two men were mauled during the ‘Running of the Bull’ display.

The video above shows the bulls being released. One immediately heads towards a participant and mauls him with the crowd watching on helplessly.

The loud screams of the public demonstrates their concern for the injured man. The video shows the graphic injuries endured by the participant with blood visible on his face and also soaked into his trousers.

The crowd eventually pull the man away and attempt to deliver medical treatment before an ambulance arrives. The video ends showing another participant being taken to hospital.

It has been reported that at least fourteen people have died since 1924 from participating in the main event that takes place every July in Pamplona.