Ukraine crisis: Girl cheats death after falling glass from shelling narrowly misses her

Video: Donetsk has been the scene of heavy fighting and on Monday the city was rocked by an explosion

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A girl in Donetsk had a lucky escape after collapsing debris from a shelling narrowly missed her.

The young girl was walking past the Donbass Arena in the centre of the Ukrainian city when the glass façade shattered and cascaded down next to her.

CCTV footage captured the incident which happened on Monday. In the video a man can be seen running towards the girl and picking her up, before carrying her away.

Donetsk is a pro-Russian separatist stronghold and has seen much turmoil during the crisis. Despite an agreed ceasefire between rebels and government forces last month, a rubber processing factory was also blown up on Monday.

The blast had a radius of several kilometres and caused damage to many buildings, including the Donbass Arena, which is home to football club Shakhtar Donetsk.

This is not the first time the stadium has been damaged by shelling. Back in August two powerful explosions caused significant damage to the north-western façade of the building.

According to UN estimates, around 300 people have been killing since the ceasefire was announced, this is compared to the 3,660 fatalities over the course of the six-month conflict.