Ukraine crisis: Telephone networks are first casualty of conflict


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The Independent Online

An invisible war is raging in the Ukraine, security experts have warned, with authorities claiming communications networks have been “targeted” and diplomats’ phones attacked. 

Authorities confirmed that, in the first significant disruption of technology, phones were targeted this week from inside the Russian-controlled Crimea.

Commentators quickly compared the incidents with “denial of service” attacks which were launched during Russia’s conflict with Georgia in 2008 and similar attacks on Estonia’s internet in 2007.

The Kremlin denied all knowledge of the incidents. It has yet to comment on the alleged attacks from within the peninsula.

“I confirm that an ... attack is under way on mobile phones of members of the Ukrainian parliament for the second day in a row,” the Ukrainian security chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko told reporters on Tuesday.

The alleged source of the attack on phones was the headquarters of Ukrtelecom, a telecoms company, in Crimea. Mr Nalyvaichenko said equipment that “blocks the phones of deputies” had been installed at the building.