Ukraine's fearless protesters in Kiev - as photographed by Russian Jana Romanova


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Last month, Russian Jana Romanova visited Maidan Square in Kiev to photograph its revolutionaries.

The documentary photographer asked people who were living in tents on the square to think of one word that is the same in both Ukrainian and Russian.

She then asked them to think of an object to represent this word and to pose for a portrait with the object.

The items range from an angel to a grenade – in one shot, someone’s grandmother even makes an appearance.

Romanova hopes that her images, which are displayed in the gallery below, will help to foster understanding between the two countries.


The ambitious project comes as European Union and US officials accuse Vladimir Putin of using Russia's energy supplies as a political tool to put pressure on Ukraine.

EU foreign ministers meeting next week to discuss the crisis are expected to stop short of approving any new sanctions against Russia.