UN may send aid by parachute

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SARAJEVO (AFP) - The Bosnian capital came under renewed shelling yesterday as the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said it would ask UN peace-keepers to parachute aid into areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Thick fog which had engulfed Sarajevo for several days, preventing Serbian forces from using their heavy artillery, thinned yesterday morning and at about 10.45am the city again echoed with the sound of shellfire, apparently aimed at areas in the south-west of the city.

The UNHCR's special envoy for Bosnia, Jose Maria Mendiluce, said the organisation was seriously considering asking the UN Protection Force to parachute aid into areas which could not be reached by road because of fighting or the unwillingness of militias to let convoys through.

The people of Sarajevo showed no signs of panic as the shelling resumed.

The former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia said it sent a protest to Greece, yesterday alleging regular intrusions into its air space by Greek military aircraft.

'The Macedonian government pointed out the frequent violations of air space by Greek military aircraft which began last year and continue this year,' the Foreign Ministry said. It said it had informed international organisations and the European Community about the problem.

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