Undisputed master of the macho photo op: Vladmir Putin goes fishing...

Whether tranquilizing polar bears or harpooning whales the Russia president rarely drops his tough guy image

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He is the undisputed master of the macho (if at times weird) photo op.

Whether tranquilizing polar bears,  harpooning whales, riding horses bare chested or heading beneath the waves in a submarine, the Russia president rarely drops his tough guy image.

Of course it doesn't always go to plan. In keeping with his fearless image he was shown attaching a GPS-Argos satellite transmitter onto a sedated Siberian tiger - which later died because of over-sedation. 

However, in his latest trip Mr Putin appeared to be enjoying himself on a short fishing trip to a nature reserve in Siberia. He caught a huge pike while on his holiday, which he was later pictured with.

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