Video: Incredible footage released of Northern Lights over Russia

Photographer Alexander Zhiganov waited for several hours in sub-zero temperatures to capture the stunning footage

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A cameraman has captured the Northern Lights in all its glory above northern Russia in an amazing new video.

The stunning footage was taken by photographer Alexander Zhiganov in the north-western Russian region of Murmansk on Sunday evening and shows the Aurora Borealis appear like a lava lamp in the sky.

According to Zhiganov, he waited several hours in sub-zero temperatures for his chance to capture the natural phenomenon and was not disappointed when he eventually got his chance to film. In the video, the Northern Light’s signature greens, blues and purples can clearly be seen as they unpredictably move across the night sky.

The Northern Lights is one of nature’s most spectacular events and is caused when charged particles escaping the Sun collide with our planet’s atmosphere.

As the Sun’s charged particles enter the atmosphere, they react with gases in our atmosphere which causes them to glow and the incredible light show to occur.