Video: Italian police release CCTV of mafia boss arrest

Massimo Carminati is alleged to have been at the head of a ring bribing Italian politicians

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Italian police have released footage of the moment officers arrested Massimo Carminati, the alleged head of the "Mafia Capitale" organisation.

Police say Carminati was the leader of a ring of criminals who were apparently bribing politicians in order to extort money or get lucrative public contracts.

The video shows the police waiting round the corner of a small countryside street outside of Rome, waiting for the mafia boss to approach.

They then drive up to the car in question and block its path down the road. The mafia boss pokes his head out of the window and appears to be slightly confused. Then one of the policeman exits the car and points a gun at the man, forcing him to raise his hands. He is then led out of the car and handcuffed.  

The investigation that led to Carminati's arrest took two years and involved wire taps and surveillance, with phone conversations taped by police detailing how local criminals tried to forge strong ties with politicians in Rome.

Italian police accused "Mafia Capitale" of inflating costs in contracts for gardening, social housing, refugee shelters, road maintenance and garbage collection.

Carminati's capture on Tuesday was one of 37 arrests made by police. The investigation has already forced former Rome mayor, Gianni Alemanno, to step down from his posts within his right-wing party.

Police also managed to seize 204 million euros in assets from those under investigation.