Video: Mamma Mia! Italian holds up traffic and church procession as driver attempts impossible three-point-turn


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Italy: known as the land of Ferrari, Monza, the elegance of Alfa Romeo and the practical genius of Fiat, is also apparently a world-leader in driving manoeuvres.

A video of a driver in Italy attempting to park a car in a tight space has gone viral after being posted on YouTube.

The footage shows the determined driver trying to get into the small spot despite causing a traffic jam, blocking a church procession and drawing a sizeable crowd of onlookers.

To the amusement, and increasing incredulity of observers, the driver manages to get himself wedged between cars parked on either side of the street.

Questions have, however, been asked about the veracity of the video, as an increasingly bizarre series of events see a squadron of bikers turn up followed by a religious procession and members of the civil defence service.

The video shows the chaos being resolved as the driver abandons his failed attempt to park and drives away, to the ironic applause of the onlookers.