Video of mysterious 'ghost car' goes viral

The driver filming the footage screams as the 'ghost car' seems to appear out of nowhere on a busy junction

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A mysterious video showing a so-called ‘ghost car’ appearing out of nowhere on a Russia road has gone viral.

The footage is shot from the perspective of a driver as they wait behind a BMW at the traffic lights of a busy junction.

At around five seconds into the video, the cars begin moving, and turn left at the crossroads.

As the BMW makes the manoeuvre, the front of a car seems to appear out of thin air.

The driver in the car where the footage is being filmed yelps when the ‘ghost car’ appears.

The two minute video appears to have been shot on a camera attached to a driver’s dashboard.

Bewildered viewers of the clip, that has so far had over two million views on YouTube, have been attempting to come up with their own theories of how the car randomly appeared.

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One YouTube user Indra Setiawan hypothesises: “This is easy. Pay attention closely under the tram around 0:04 - 0:08 , there you can see the headlight reflection of the ghost car on the street. Yes, the ghost car took that empty line next to the tram, speeding.”