Russian military trains using reindeer and sled dogs in -30C cold

The exercises took place in the extreme cold of Murmansk

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Video has emerged of the Russian military training with reindeer and huskies.

The exercises took place in Murmansk, a port city in the extreme northwest of Russia, in temperatures as low as -30 degree Celsius. 

In the footage, troops from the Arctic motorised infantry brigade can be seen training alongside several reindeer as well as some sled dogs, young and old. 

The personnel involved in the drills can later be seen warming themselves in a traditional tent made of raw animal hides. 

Russia has a habit of filming its military exercises, with footage regularly returning from their involvement in the Middle East.

Recent video to emerge from the region includes high quality drone footage showing the devastation in Damascus, the exploding of an oil refinery reportedly under Isis control and a mid-air view of planes dropping several bombs