Video shows 40ft inflatable Minion rolling over cars in Ireland as it blocks off busy road

People run away from friendly-looking the inflatable in the footage

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This is the moment Dubliners fled as a giant inflatable Minion fell over and invaded a busy road in the Irish capital.

The 40ft inflatable was advertising a fairground on Old Swords Road in Santry, when strong winds made it come loose from ropes keeping it grounded, causing it to fall over.

Local resident Erin Van Londen who was caught in traffic at the time snapped photos of the inflatable Kevin character, which quickly made international headlines.

Now, footage has emerged showing Minion as the wind rolls its back and forth across a road, as drivers try to avoid getting caught in its path.

At one point, a gust of wind sweeps up the inflatable, causing it to roll over cars.

Ms Van Londen told The Independent that she was stuck in a 15-minute traffic jam, before the minion’s owners deflated it, and carted it away in a wheelbarrow.