Video: Watch the first rhino being born in Copenhagen Zoo for three decades

Copenhagen Zoo says the birth went smoothly and both mother and calf are bonding well together

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Copenhagen Zoo has welcomed its first rhinoceros calf for over three decades.

The calf was born on Saturday in the zoo’s specially designed rhino enclosure, with the whole birth being filmed by staff at the zoo.

The video also shows the touching moment the rhino’s mother helps her calf take its first steps.

The new arrival weighed in at 50 kg and is the first rhino born at the zoo since 1985.

According to a zoo spokesperson, the birth went smoothly and both mother and calf are healthy and bonding well together.

Rhinos are currently one of the most endangered species in the world, with poachers in Africa hunting them down to sell their horns to south-east Asia where they are used in traditional medicines.

In some cases, horns have been sold for as much as £65,000.

According to charity Save The Rhino, in South Africa alone, one rhino is slaughtered every eight hours.