Watch an EasyJet plane abort its landing due to windy conditions

Video: The plane managed to make a successful landing at its second attempt

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Video footage has emerged of an EasyJet plane having to abort a landing right at the last minute due to windy weather at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

The video, from the plane spotting YouTube account Schipholhotspot, shows the Airbus A319 struggling to straighten as it approaches the runway; one a few occasions the aircraft is clearly being moved around by strong winds.

As it begins to touch down, the rear of the plane hits the ground before the front, with the wheels on the right side of the plane landing ahead of those on the left of the aircraft. The plane then ascends once more and clearly aborts the landing attempt.

The video then shows the same aircraft a while later attempting to land once more, and successfully doing so.

The YouTube user commented, "Difficult approach due to the strong wind and gusts... This second approach is still difficult because the conditions have not changed much in the time it took the plane to go around."

According to the Daily Telegraph, EasyJet released a statement stating: "Our pilots are highly trained to perform ‘go arounds’ as a precaution and in line with our procedures.

"The safety of its passengers and crew is the airline’s highest priority."

EasyJet recently announced six new routes from Amsterdam and it its the Netherlands' second largest airline.