Watch angry motorist key another car in parking dispute

An angry motorist literally left her mark on the car after her space was 'stolen'

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It seems that the January sales really can affect some people more badly than others.

Well, at least it did to this woman in France, who deliberately scratched another car after a potential parking spot was allegedly nabbed by an eagle-eyed driver during a shopping trip in Serris.

In sneaky video footage captured by an observer in a nearby building on Saturday afternoon, the woman and her partner can be seen in a heated dispute with another couple, who have “stolen” their parking spot.

The woman wildly gesticulates with her hands at the other couple, while her partner argues with them. She can even be heard shouting loudly until eventually she concedes defeat and the pair leave.

The couple with the parking space then leave their car as they go off, presumably to the winter sales, believing that is the end of the matter.

Later on the woman re-appears and casually walks down the side of the vehicle, running her key along it, before running off.

Closer observation shows two long scratches left on the side of car.