Watch moment Belgian police launched anti-terror raids

The video is purportedly of the raids was uploaded to YouTube

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Amateur video footage has emerged supposedly of police anti-terror raids in the Belgian town of Verviers in which two suspected extremists were killed and another arrested.

Prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said that the individuals targeted had returned from Syria and were planning an attack in a matter of hours.

In the video repeated gunfire can be heard and a gunfight ensued as security operatives moved in on the building. Suspects immediately opened fire on police.

A fire also appears to be burning within the apartment on the video.

The jihadist who was arrested is thought to have sustained serious injuries.

Weapons were recovered at the scene, including Kalashnikovs and bomb-making equipment.

The scenes unfolded inside a flat on a residential street in the eastern Belgian city, near the German border.

Residents in the district reported hearing at least three explosions and gunfire for a prolonged period.

The raid, late on Thursday, comes after two other suspected terrorists were arrested in a Brussels suburbs.

Following the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine last week in Paris, a number of European countries are on high alert for terrorist plots.