Watch the moment a Dutch driver fails to jump a drawbridge and crashes into the water

CCTV footage shows the spectacular fail in which the driver miraculously escapes serious injury

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Dramatic video has been released of a 56-year-old Dutch man failing to jump a drawbridge and crashing into the water below.

Police say that the driver raced underneath the security barrier before attempting the Hollywood-esque stunt. But, the script did not go to plan as his front bumper crashed into the nose of the concrete barrier, causing the vehicle to flip and land in the water.

It has been estimated that the gap was around five metres – clearly the driver hoped that ambition would trump physics. Physics won.

Bizarrely, the 56-year-old was taken to hospital with injuries he sustained after landing in the water. He broke some ribs and punctured a lung after falling onto a concrete barrier while escaping from the water. But, as the video above shows, this was a miraculous escape in what could have been a fatal accident.

The bridge was closed for several hours while a crane hoisted the car out of the water.