White Bengal tiger cubs unveiled at White Zoo in Austria

The cubs have been snapped playing in their pen at the zoo

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A zoo in Austria has given the public its first glimpse of a brood of striking white Bengal tigers which were born a month ago.

Their mother, Burani, gave birth to her litter at the private White Zoo at the Kameltheater Kernhof in St. Aegyg am Neuwalde, Lower Austria on 25 April.

Powerful photographs of Burani show her grasping her tiny cubs by the neck, and give a vision of what the babies will one day look like.

Zookeepers have named the cubs - four females and one male - Lali, Lela, Lila, Lulu and Obama.

The babies are the first litter Burani has given birth to since her last pregnancy in 2012.

Having monitored the young big cats alongside their mother since the were born, zoo director Herbert Eder confirmed they are all healthy.

The tigers have since been photographed playing with each other in their pen at the zoo, and displaying their adorable, toothless mouths to the cameras.

The cubs’ debut comes just a month after Buenos Aires zoo in Argentina unveiled their own brood of adorable Bengal tigers – the second litter to be born to mother Cleo and father Rhiano.