Wife must take down honeymoon snaps after husband sues

Wife could have to pay damages to her husband after ruling

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An Italian man has successfully sued his wife for uploading pictures of the two on honeymoon, ten years ago, to Facebook.

The husband took exception to the pictures — which showed the couple, who are not reported to have split up, hugging and kissing — because they breached his privacy, according to reports in local paper Il Mattino.

His wife’s defence, that the Facebook wall is now like a private photo album, was rejected by the judge. The wife had said that the pictures were private because they were only shared with friends, but the judge rejected that request given pictures on the internet can be shares and users’ privacy can’t be guaranteed.

She may even have to pay damages to her husband, reports said.

The judge made the ruling on the basis of legislation from 1941, which says that a person’s portrait cannot be displayed, reproduced or sold without the person’s consent. The wife’s argument that the rules had changed as technology advanced was rejected.

The husband’s lawyer said that the ruling could become a reference point for Facebook users.