Woman breaks leg after cable snaps in freak funfair accident

The woman was rushed to hospital after spending an hour stuck in the ride

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A woman has been seriously injured after a cable snapped on a slingshot ride at a funfair.

Video footage shows the woman was riding in a sling cage when a cable on one side snapped, flinging the cage into the opposing support tower.

Two people were in the cage at the time of the incident at Luna Park in Cap id’Agde near Montpellier in southern France.

According to Sky News, the two people, believed to be from Cher in central France, were trapped in the cage for an hour before being rescued and the woman was taken to hospital.

An investigation has been launched into the incident which happened last week.

The director of the funfair told Midilibre, a Montpellier newspaper, that the accident was caused by a manufacturing defect in the elastic cable.