Yugoslavia update

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UN Security Council was expected to give its approval for sending extra troops to Bosnia to protect the so-called 'safe areas' for Muslims, but it was stuck on the detail of how the troops would react under fire. It was yet another example of the extraordinary difficulty of moving forward with the allied plan of guarding the 'safe areas', and using Nato air power for added protection.

The UN halted relief flights to Sarajevo after snipers wounded four French soldiers and a US plane was hit by a machine-gun bullet at the airport.

Bosnian Serb artillery hammered the Muslim enclave of Gorazde as ground troops were reported to have overrun two villages on the outskirts of the besieged town. UN officials confirmed reports of a fierce assault on Gorazde, the last big Muslim enclave in Bosnia.

Tension rose in the Adriatic after Italy said a Yugoslav patrol boat fired on an unarmed Italian fishing vessel, killing one fisherman and wounding another. Italy ordered its navy to use 'maximum firmness', and the Defence Minister, Fabio Fabbri, reserved the right to take appropriate action.