Zoo animals on the loose after severe flooding in Georgia kills at least twelve people

At least a dozen people have died due to severe flooding in Tbilisi, Georgia; with residents warned to stay indoors after lions, bears and wolves have escaped from a zoo.

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Severe flooding in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, has killed at least a dozen people, with residents warned to stay indoors to avoid wild animals that have escaped from a zoo. An estimated thirty animals have escaped, including lions, tigers, bears and wolves.

The video above shows pictures of a hippopotamus shot by a tranquiliser gun, as the priority increases to capture or kill the escaped animals. Reports suggest that some fatalities have been caused by animal attacks.

Heavy rains turned the river that flows through Tbilisi into a torrent that swept away buildings and cars. The Georgian President has offered "his deepest condolences” to the families affected by the natural disaster.

A day of mourning has been announced today; and damages have been estimated at over $10 million.